How Granite Countertops Became Popular

How Granite Countertops Became Popular

August 5, 2018

Today, granite is one of the most highly sought after materials in home construction and renovation, and for good reason: this naturally occurring stone is strikingly beautiful, exceptionally durable and incredibly versatile.

Granite hasn’t always been the material of choice in American homes, however. As recently as the 1980s, granite was widely seen as a niche material. While granite isn’t necessarily suitable for use in all abodes, its versatility and cost-effectiveness makes it a good choice for many home and business owners.

If you’re considering what types of countertops are best suited for your home or place of business, you should consult with a trusted granite contractor in Phoenix, AZ. They can help you navigate the different types of organic and manufactured stones available, and help you determine which one best meets your individual needs.

Granite’s stratospheric rise to its current position as America’s countertop material of choice involved a number of factors, including the following:

  • More countries entered the market: Throughout much of the 20th century, Italy dominated the granite mining market. That began to change in the late 1990s, however, when more countries began mining and exporting their granite supplies. Brazil became a major player in the 2000s. Today, a large portion of granite found on American countertops originated in Brazilian mines.
  • Shipping became easier: As more countries began mining granite, they also began to develop technologies that allowed them to cut and package granite on-site. This means that most granite can

  • now be shipped on containerized vessels. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with moving granite from its point of origin to its point of final use, and makes granite more cost-effective for everyday consumers.
  • Fabrication became more effective: The rise of computer numerical control (CNC) machines made it much easier for companies to accurately and precisely cut virtually any surface, even notoriously hard and durable granite. While labor costs often contributed to the high price of granite in the past, today’s delicate cutting operations are largely handled by machine, making the material more cost-effective.
  • Desirability: One of the primary factors fueling granite’s rise is its desirability. Granite is a versatile, durable surface that is as beautiful as it is functional. Thanks to its longevity, granite also retains its value exceptionally well. This means that granite is an increasingly desirable purchase for homeowners and business operators hoping to add value to their real estate and increase their property’s resale potential.
  • Realistic luxury: For many homeowners, granite is an affordable luxury item that allows them to add value to their homes and increase their quality of life. Compared with marble and other premium surfaces, granite offers a similarly elegant aesthetic at a slightly more affordable rate. Additionally, because each piece of granite is unique in the way that it presents its mineral striations, every slab is a unique work of art homeowners are investing in.

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