A Checklist for Granite Countertop Installation in Phoenix, AZ

A Checklist for Granite Countertop Installation in Phoenix, AZ

November 15, 2018

Want to get a good general overview of the steps you need to take for granite countertop installation in Phoenix, AZ? Here is a checklist our installation team follows to get the job done correctly, starting with the day before installation.

The day before installation

As with any type of construction process, you’re going to want to make sure you’re prepared for noise and dust to be a constant presence in your home. Follow these steps in any areas that will be affected by the installation of the new countertops:

  • Cover the entryways to the area and all vents to contain the debris
  • Create a clear path for easy access to the installation area and to remove debris
  • Cover any furniture and floors along this path and nearby to prevent them from getting caked with dust and debris
  • Remove all items from cabinets where the new countertop is going, as well as any breakable items in the area

During the installation process

Once installation begins, make sure you keep your children and pets away from the construction area. It’s a good idea to have an adult with decision-making authority on hand during the installation process.

Installers follow these steps during the installation process:

  • Install the countertop, determining where to place seams (if required) for best appearance
  • Install the backsplash
  • Clean the construction area and leave the job site in such a condition that it can be easily cleaned with just a broom
  • Provide you with information that completely covers how you need to care for and maintain your new countertop
  • Provide you with warranty information, including the warranty card
  • Ask for your signature on a statement to confirm your satisfaction with the work, including the fit, the quality of the job and the fact that your countertop was installed completely free of damage and defects

There are some circumstances in which unexpected conditions might arise during the construction process. For example, after removing the old countertop, the team might find water or termite damage, or potential electrical or plumbing problems that need to be addressed before the installation can be completed. There’s always the chance you’ll need to hire another contractor with the proper training and certifications to get this work done.

After installation

Review all the care and maintenance information your installation team provides you with. Then you can take these steps if needed:

  • Contact a plumber or electrician to come out and reconnect plumbing or wiring, if needed for your job
  • Use standard safety practices to protect your new countertops long into the future, including using cutting boards and heat pads to protect them from cuts, burns and other potential types of damage

For more information about the steps to follow during granite countertop installation in Phoenix, AZ, we encourage you to contact the team at Z Granite Place today. We are happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with more information about the high-quality services we offer to customers throughout the Phoenix metro area.

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