Can Natural Stone Be Used In a Shower?

Can Natural Stone Be Used In a Shower?

January 7, 2019

One of the most important components of any bathroom remodel is the shower. As a prominent granite contractor in Phoenix, AZ, we have noticed that more and more clients are interested in using hard stone—that is, quartz, granite, marble or slate—to tile their showers.

Does this trend pique your interest? If so, read on to learn more information about using natural hard stones in your shower.

What natural stone is best in a shower?

Natural hard stone is sleek, sophisticated and attractive in any shower. But which particular stone is right for you?

1. Quartz
One of the best options for stone in the shower is quartz. Quartz is antimicrobial making it a much safer option for your new shower. Quartz products have a wide range of colors and simple patterns making it a great safe choice that will adapt as your style changes.

2. Granite
Granite is very durable and sturdy. It also comes in an endless array of styles and colors, meaning you can find the ideal option to go with your bathroom’s color scheme and design.

3. Marble
Marble, on the other hand, almost always features a light coloring. If you are looking to make your new or remodeled bathroom as luxurious as possible, marble might be the way to go. However, keep in mind that marble can get discolored over time, meaning it might not be the best long-term choice.

4. Slate
Slate also comes in a wide variety of color options, much like granite. Slate also tends to be the most cost-effective of these three options. But that being said, it can flake or deteriorate over time.

In fact, quartz is your best bet for a safe, stylish shower material with longevity.

What is the easiest to clean shower material?

Most people are not huge fans of bathroom cleaning, and the shower is no exception. When you choose natural stone for your shower, you might worry even more, especially if you assume your choices are limited to tile only.

The good news is, just like with your countertops, you can also choose stone shower wall panels and stone shower floors in the form of natural stone slabs. Furthermore, stone slabs are one of the easiest shower materials to clean and maintain for many reasons.

1. No Grout
With no grout, you don’t have to worry about the staining and discoloration that happens with tiled surfaces.

2. Maintains Luster
Natural stone slabs maintain their luster and shine due to their polished surface.

3. Extreme Durability
Slabs are more durable than tiles because they’re unlikely to chip or crack.

4. Natural Mold Resistance
Mold in your shower is often caused by air seeping through the grout. Natural stone slabs don’t require grout, so you are far less likely to get mold behind the slab.

How do you care for natural stone?

If you decide that hard stone is the direction you want to go in for your new shower, you will need to understand how to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Some people avoid using stone in the shower because they feel it will quickly deteriorate—but if you buy the right product, and know how to care for it, you can avoid this fate!

First, invest in a good sealer when you have the stone installed, and reapply it regularly based on the advice of your granite contractor in Phoenix, AZ. You will want to clean your hard surface with a gentle cleanser. Nothing harsh for this exquisite product! Typically, we suggest you use a product like Dawn or Simple Green. Always check the manufacturer’s suggestion on your specific stone before you clean.

If you have other questions about caring for your particular hard stone, remember you can always ask your contractor!

Trust the best

Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting prospect, and you deserve to have a shower you will look forward to using every day. Fortunately, that is where Z Granite Place comes in. We take pride in providing high-quality granite, superior artistry, and helpful service.

If you are revamping your shower and are looking for a granite or quartz contractor in Phoenix, AZ, we hope you will get in touch with the team at Z Granite Place today. We will work hard to ensure that at the end of the job, you have a shower you cannot wait to use.

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