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Tips for Choosing the Right Edge Detail During Granite Countertop Installation in Phoenix, AZ

September 13, 2018

The edge profile you choose for your granite countertop helps you add to the overall style you’re looking to achieve in your kitchen or bathroom. Of course, there are some practical elements to consider when looking at countertop edge profiles, as well. There are some countertop edges that are easier to clean, others that offer greater levels of safety and comfort and still others that are ideal for catching crumbs and debris. With this in mind, here are some tips for choosing the right edge detail when performing granite countertop installation in Phoenix, AZ. Consider how you use your countertops... View Article

Five Benefits of Granite Countertops

August 27, 2018

There are few in-home surfaces more highly sought after than beautiful, natural granite. Granite is a stunning organic material that’s been used in human construction for millennia. There are a number of benefits, aside from the aesthetic, that makes granite an exceedingly desirable addition to virtually any home. Because granite is a naturally occurring, organic material, no two granite slabs are identical. This means that investing in granite allows you to purchase a truly unique hard stone surface for your home that will add untold levels of natural beauty to your abode. Here are just a few benefits associated with... View Article

How Granite Countertops Became Popular

August 5, 2018

Today, granite is one of the most highly sought after materials in home construction and renovation, and for good reason: this naturally occurring stone is strikingly beautiful, exceptionally durable and incredibly versatile. Granite hasn’t always been the material of choice in American homes, however. As recently as the 1980s, granite was widely seen as a niche material. While granite isn’t necessarily suitable for use in all abodes, its versatility and cost-effectiveness makes it a good choice for many home and business owners. If you’re considering what types of countertops are best suited for your home or place of business, you... View Article