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How Granite and Quartz Countertops Can Get Your Fix and Flip in Phoenix, AZ Sold Faster

January 21, 2019

If you flip houses, you already know that the key to making a profit is selling the house quickly. The longer a house sits on the market, the more money you lose. So what can you do to make sure that the house you flip makes a big impact on local homebuyers and a big profit for you? The answer is simple: focus on the kitchen. Ask any realtor and they will tell you that kitchens sell homes. Even homeowners who don’t spend a lot of time cooking still spend large parts of their time at home in their kitchen.... View Article

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Why Is Bianco Antico Granite So Hot Right Now?

January 7, 2019

If you pay any attention to the home design and remodeling world, then three words might have been jumping out at you lately as a hot new trend: Bianco Antico. However, what is Bianco Antico, and why is it so popular right now? Well, Bianco Antico is a type of extremely stylish granite, and people are flocking to it right now because it looks great, and because it works well for granite kitchen worktops. Here at Z Granite Place in Phoenix, AZ, we are proud to stock a wide variety of granite options, including Bianco Antico. Read on to learn... View Article

A Checklist for Granite Countertop Installation in Phoenix, AZ

November 15, 2018

Want to get a good general overview of the steps you need to take for granite countertop installation in Phoenix, AZ? Here is a checklist our installation team follows to get the job done correctly, starting with the day before installation. The day before installation As with any type of construction process, you’re going to want to make sure you’re prepared for noise and dust to be a constant presence in your home. Follow these steps in any areas that will be affected by the installation of the new countertops: Cover the entryways to the area and all vents to... View Article

The Benefits of Granite vs. Quartz

October 9, 2018

As you search for the perfect countertop material for your home, you might be wondering whether quartz or granite is a better solution. These are two of the most popular high-end countertop materials, and are seen in many new homes and remodeled spaces these days. So how do the two stack up against each other? Here are some of the factors you’ll want to consider as you ponder quartz versus granite countertop installation in Phoenix, AZ: Durability: One of the biggest benefits of both quartz and granite for countertops is that they are both highly durable materials. It takes a... View Article

What Are the Differences Between Marble, Quartz and Granite Kitchen Countertops in Phoenix, AZ?

October 7, 2018

One of the questions we most frequently receive from customers is what the differences are between granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ and other common materials, such as quartz and marble. Here are just a few of the categories in which there are some significant differences in these countertop materials: Natural vs. manmade: Granite and marble are both 100 percent natural stone. Quartz countertops are made primarily from granite found in the ground and some manmade resins—typically the makeup is about 80 percent granite and 20 percent resins. Therefore, if you’re looking for something all natural with natural coloration, granite or... View Article

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